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Camp Arrowleaf

Welcome to camp Arrowleaf, a dream of a place with 4 cozy cabins along the shores of an emerald lake.  Named after some of our favorite birds: Meadowlark, Cardinal, Hummingbird, and Stellar's Jay, each of our cabins have a meaning. You can find your camp mascot tee shirt, along with other clothing and merchandise in our shop.

Each cabin is outfitted with high quality linens, aromatic, nourishing soaps and shower supplies, and a few snacks. We use cleaning products that are kind to you and the earth, as much as possible, made in the USA.


Wrap yourself in a vintage quilt and relax on the front porch while you wake your senses and warm your hands with a cup of steamy something from the beverage bar. See the dappled sunlight break over the ridge to summon fog from the glassy water as the birds continue their morning hallelujah, the loons take their morning baths, and other forest friends meander out of the woods for their morning drink and wash-up at water's edge. 

As the woods warm up, paddle your cabin's canoe around the lake. Time for a scavenger hunt: How many colors of the wildflowers do you find along the shore. How many songbirds can you hear and see? Can you find the cascading stream that fills the lake? If you're up for it, take a dip in the glacial runoff. In the evening, grab a journal or a sketchbook and be inspired by Mother Nature, then gather around the fire pit for s'mores and stories. I hope someone brought a guitar because there is nothing better than singing around a campfire in the mountains! 


If you are backpacking one of dozens of trails into the backcountry for a few days, your cabin will be your basecamp and holds a few convenient provisions for your trek such as a rain poncho, sunscreen, matches, snacks and water bottles, and first aid supplies, just incase you forgot to pack these.  

We hope you find inspiration, relaxation, and peace in all your journeys.  

Giving Back
The true story

*Camp Arrowleaf is fictional, inspired by a cabin lot and a dream of a mental health professional, outdoorsy mom of 4 who knows the healing power of Mother Nature. 

I once felt inspired to visit a small mountain town in my home state for a day. While there I discovered a small cabin lot in an idyllic corner. I was given the opportunity to purchase it for a song, did so, and determined to build a place where my family, friends, and guests can gather and enjoy the mountains. Here I  share products and convenience to help hosts provide the kind of experience I hope to provide at

Arrowleaf Lodge one day.

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